14 Days to Cusco—Bite Sized

If you have a short attention span, boy have I got a treat for you.

I have split the video of Peru, “14 Days to Cusco,” into eight parts. Rather than slog through the full 20-something minute video, enjoy a digestible one- to two-minute chunk.

You can find them scattered throughout my YouTube Channel, or just click the links here:

Hopefully this will work better for all of you out there who have whittled your attention spans down to black, shriveled wisps of concentration. I mean, god forbid you spend more than three minutes engaged with anything. It’s really a sign of what’s wrong with the world, now that the Internet controls our lives, what with SEO and Top 10 lists and thoughts compressed into 140 character banalities. Actually, movies suck, too. And I don’t understand your music, or your clothes for that matter.

Wow, I am extraordinary old.

Um … there was a point I wanted to make … what?