Rant in F Sharp

I was at a concert a few weeks ago and it made me think that I need to make a few changes in my life. Because every once in a while, something happens that jolts us; that makes us want to make an about face and take a tremendous existential leap.

 Here’s my plan: I want to devote myself to music and perfecting an instrument. I’m thinking the guitar. Then I want to take singing lessons. And I want to find other musicians, and we’ll get together and we’ll play music. At first we’ll just practice in a garage, but then we’ll write a few songs. And we’ll take our songs and begin playing shows, and our songs will resonate with people, and those people will feel a connection with us and they'll want to hear more. And then we’ll go on the road and our music will spread. And one day, we’ll be on stage in front of thousands of screaming fans. And I’ll walk to the front of the stage, bathed in the glow of stadium lights, and I’ll clutch the mic, and I’ll look out over all those expectant faces.

And I want to do all of this so I can look directly at them and say, “TURN OFF YOUR FUCKING CELL PHONES!”