A First in Peru

My street photography skills have thus far amounted to absolute crap. After three years of developing as a photographer, the idea of snapping images of strangers still sends waves of dread undulating through my gut. For this reason, many of my images from traveling depict half-turned heads and sillouhettes of strangers' backs ... and often landscapes or dogs that can't scream at me for photographing them.

This, I have found, does not make for a compelling image.

During my recent trip to Peru, I wanted to come back with something more challenging, and therefore more special. And though my camera stayed firmly secured in my backpack for many of my first few days—due in large part to the fear-inducing warnings riddled in the pages of Lonely Planet and other guides—I eventually grew more daring. Yet it wasn't until fairly deep into the trip that, after spending some time in a small shop in the mountain town of Chivay, I summoned the stones to ask an old man if I could take his portrait. He agreed without complaint, and the resulting image is something I am genuinely proud of.

 For many reasons, this image will forever be special to me, and it is by far my favorite picture from the trip , but just one of many that will be trickling out as I comb through all of my files and wring out with a bit of (very minimal) retouching. I have added this image to the People section of my photography page. Much more to come soon.


Source: http://colinrigley.com/people