Colin and Ashley's Super Fun Time Peru Adventure Madness

14 Days to Cusco

After roughly three weeks, 11 locations, nearly 150 clips, and about a week of editing, it’s finally done.

Despite a lack of technical know-how or professional editing software—which therefore entailed a fair amount of wrasslin' with iMovie’s sadistic interface—the final cut of my Peruvian adventures (joined by Ashley Schwellenbach) is perhaps not entirely boring.

So ... hooray!

It is, however, a beast of a file. Clocking in at roughly 20 minutes of 1080p video, mixed with a sampling of South American music (on that note, do yourself a favor and buy an album from Bomba Estéreo, a Columbian techno, rock, salsa, reggae band that I picked up haphazardly at a crappy Lima bookstore based solely on the cover). For now I've decided to upload the full cut, but in the next few days I hope to drop the resolution a bit, and cut the video into smaller chunks that are slightly more viewable. Either way, go watch the full thing, because it took a damn long time to put together. And what else do you have to do? Binge watch Dancing With the Stars?

... Loser

So please watch and, if you happen to feel a surge of good grace warming the cockles of your heart, head to my YouTube Channel and rate some other videos, such as the South America rapid-fire slideshow, Machu Picchu timelapse, or Sad News With Cat Cat. I have absolutely no ability to earn money from any of this, but a few digital thumbs up would help me mentally justify the time spent—or perhaps wasted.

Oh, and now that the video is done, more pictures will start filtering into People, Places, Miscellaneous Nonsense, and my Peru Facebook album—and while you’re checking those out, please wander over to my page on National Geographic Your Shot and up vote any images that strike your fancy.

Shameless self-promotional spiel over!