To Photoshop, or Not to Photoshop?


I suck at art.

This is OK; I've come to terms with my lack of artistic sensibilities.

You may have seen a few strips of Candy Is For Grown Ups posted to this site regularly. You may have even enjoyed one or two. And almost assuredly, you've snickered at the amateurish quality of it all. Again, this is OK because I suck at art.

This comic is still very much a work in progress, and with that in mind, I need your help. The most recent comic, Empathy, is up in all its sucking-at-art glory, but this time I took a new approach. In previous comics, I blended hand-drawn lines with Photoshop coloring. The overall look was ... I dunno, some sort of art term that I can't name because I suck at art.

The new technique is more straightforward: I simply drew the thing by hand—color and all—and relied on Photoshop solely for layout and a bit of cleanup.


So here I am, still sucking at art, but now wondering which technique people actually prefer.  If you have a preference, let me know on Facebook, Twitter, in the comments, or by sending a physical letter.  (But I'm not going to give out my physical address, which leaves you in a bit of a pickle if snail mail is your preferred communication method ... grandpa!)